Pentathlon Alberta Updates


Pentathlon Alberta wishes all the best to Canada's Melanie McCann and Donna Vakalis who are competing Friday in the World Cup Final. Top 36 World Cup ranked athletes only participate in the event so already an excellent achievement.

CONGRATULATIONS to Joshua Riker-Fox who is selected as part of the Canadaian Modern Pentathlon Team competing at the Pan American Championships in Mexico City July 17 - 20. Josh will be competing at the US Senior Championships held at the end of June in Colorado Springs in preparation. Good Luck for the summer!

Pentathlon Provincials were held on May 10th and were enjoyed by all. Despite wind and threatening rain we managed to get through the event very well and had such a good time. Thanks to helpers who stepped to up assist throughout the day and to very helpful staff at Talisman Centre and Glenmore Athletic Park. Conflicts managed to arise for a couple of our high performance athletes resulting in missed combined events  but we do appreciate your coming out to support the event and upcoming athletes to the best of your ability! We look forward to seeing your results in events this summer. Congratulations to all participants and see you again soon. Final results are posted under results or available here. If you have any questions please contact Keep in touch over the summer as we hold additional events to keep everyone competition ready.

Pentathlon Alberta wishes to join the Canadian Pentathlon Community in congratulating Ottawa's Melanie McCann on an outstanding international result. Well done on your 5th place result, Hungary, World Cup #4 2014!! (May 2014)

LET"S GO!! Pentathlon Alberta is looking for more opportunities to introduce Alberta Athletes to our exciting sport and partner with local community clubs, organizers or parents. If your community is able to take part in hosting a clinic, typically including beginner lessons and demos for Fencing, Swimming and Combined (Run/Shoot) components, please contact us at Keep an eye on the news here for clinics coming to your area.


Congratulations on a solid performance to Kali Sayers at Youth World Championships in Budapest, Hungary May 15 - 17. Kali put in a best performance in the fence and swim though narrowly missed the finals finishing 38th in the qualification rounds with top 36 going to finals.

Several Pentathletes recently took part in the Alberta Provincial Fencing Championships (April 11-13, Edmonton) as well as the Western Canadian Championships (May 2-4, Winnipeg). Well done athletes!!

A very exciting Silver medal performance for Kali Sayers at the NORCECA Youth Open International Classic. This strong result in a competitive field is a great motivator as Kali continues preparations for Youth World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Congratulations to Shauna Biddulph on an event win at the Oceania Pentathlon Championships in Melbourne, Australia, April 12-13.


Pentathlon Alberta held an all day time trial and clinic on Saturday April 5th at the Talisman Centre in Calgary. The day started with a open fencing event which welcomed fencers from other clubs for a great deal of fun! This was followed by combined event which saw some new participants try out the laser shooting. It is a lot of fun to try and a real challenge when you then add in the running. The day ended with a coached swim in the afternoon. This was a tiring and long day but a good test for our athletes who typically have to travel far for additional competitive opportunities as they were able to put together a full day at home where they could figure out how to piece together a full day of competition.

Pentathlon Alberta visited Grande Prairie on March 22 to hold an introductory clinic in partnership with the Grande Prairie Piranha's Swim Club and the Grande Prairie Fencing Club. With over 30 participants and many extra helpers this was so much fun! Thank you to the participants for your interest and appreciation. We hope to see you all again some time soon! 

Red Deer Pentathlon Club in conjunction with Pentathlon Alberta held a "Pentathlete for a Day" introductory coached multi-sport clinic on March 2nd. From all accounts a very well run, well attended and fun event. For more information on Pentathlon activities in Red Deer contact

Pentathlon Alberta hosted a Pentathlon Clinic and Time Trial at the Talisman Centre on February 9th featuring Combined (Run/Shoot) and Swim training. This was an excellent event to come together, test performances, and get expert coaching at the same time. Thank you to the participants and coaches. More events are planned. Stay tuned!

Congratulations to participants and thank you to coaches and volunteers/helpers at the training session and time trial held on January 18th at Talisman Centre. Another event is tentatively planned for February 9th so please keep an eye open for updates on that as available. Fencers may be interested to note, we are hoping to also include in the morning a fencing bouting session. Stay tuned for updates in the next few days. 

Pentathlon Alberta wishes to SINCERELY THANK ALL VOLUNTEERS who helped at the January 2014 Casino. You make such a difference! With these fun we continue to strive to deliver competition and training programs, assist and develop coaches and athletes, and create awareness and growth in the sport of Modern Pentathlon in Alberta.

Congratulations to Kali Sayers on a strong showing at the Youth Olympic Qualifier event held Nov 29th to Dec 1st. 2013 in Acapulco, Mexico. Kali was part of the Canadian Youth Team at this competition. Other members included Hillary Elliot, Beatrice Cigagna and Cole Williamson all from Ontario. Kali finished as the highest place Canadian with an overall 6th place and 4th within the NORCECA group and had a particularly strong fence, finishing 2nd overall in that discipline. Accompanying as coach for this event was Alberta's Joshua Riker-Fox. While this result did not provide Kali with a direct qualification to the Youth Olympic Games (only first place achieved the qualification) other opportunities remain to quality and this strong showing at the event provided encouragement to attain that qualification through the upcoming events this spring. Good luck! Final places for the YOG's are determined by June 2014.

Pentathlon Alberta along with Red Deer Pentathlon Club hosted a "Pentathlete of a Day" clinic on December 1st. Some existing members and several interested athletes came out to try out the sport. Four of the components of Pentathlon were available to try through the day starting with a fun introduction and mini-event of fencing, a coached swimming session and an informative hands-on shooting sessions including combined event for all. We look forward to hosting another event in Red Deer and other cities in the New Year so stay tuned!

Congratulations to another exciting open house hosted Ares Pentathlon Club on November 15. Folks are getting a chance to learn about pentathlon and try out the fencing and laser shooting, all at the Talisman gym. Well done everyone!

Pentathlon Alberta Annual General Meeting was held Saturday. September 28th at West Hillhurst Community Centre, Calgary. Congratulations and good luck to the new executive.

Immediately following the AGM, Pentathlon Alberta held a season startup clinic event including coaching time trial in combined (run/shoot) event and swimming. Thank you to our coaches for this event: Lynda Keijko and Kevin Coulman.

Pentathlon Alberta hosted 2013 Canadian Pentathlon Nationals in Calgary and Delacour in July 2013 with great success. We wish to express our sincere thanks on this event to all those who contributed: VOLUNTEERS, SPONSORS, ATHLETES, COACHES AND PARENTS. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Congratulations to the Alberta Athletes who competed at Pentathlon Nationals in Calgary on some very strong performances. Tamara Booy, Helen Sproule, Kali Sayers, Shauna Biddulph, Jordon Lindoff, Joel Riker-Fox