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Pentathlon is suitable for those who are interested in trying out new sports, looking for a unique fitness regimen or aspiring to launch a pentathlon career. If you are a swimmer, runner, triathlete, fencer, rider, fitness enthusiast or some other interesting combination, you are sure to find some fun and challenge in what the sport of modern pentathlon has to offer. We hope you consider contacting a local club and finding out about pentathlon in your area.


Pentathlon Alberta (PA) is a volunteer-run non-profit society supporting clubs and athletes across the province. PA promotes and supports the sport of Modern Pentathlon through development of clubs, pentathletes, coaches and programs.

Training is typically provided by clubs in three to five of the pentathlon disciplines. Pentathlon clubs deliver training for athletes across many different ages and skill-levels.

An annual membership with Pentathlon Alberta is required to train or compete in pentathlon within Alberta.

Pentathlon Alberta works in conjunction with Pentathlon Canada to support and deliver an athlete development model for introductory athletes through to those qualifying for National Teams and International Events.

Pentathlon Canada was formed in 1972 with the mandate to develop world-class athletes while promoting and developing modern pentathlon in Canada. Canadian and Albertan pentathletes have gone on to represent Canada at numerous World Championships and Olympic Games since then.


Board Members

President - Connie Olsen
Vice President - Michelle Ostrikoff
Secretary - Reyes Bertolin
Treasurer - Vicki Pigott
Director at Large - Melanie McCann
Director at Large - Blaine Dombowsky
Bylaws of Pentathlon Alberta Association
Policies and Procedures of Pentathlon Alberta Association
Athlete Performance Standards for 2018/19
Laser Shooting Policies of Pentathlon Alberta Association
Strategic Plan of Pentathlon Alberta Association, 2016-20