President’s End of Season Letter

Hello Pentathlon Alberta Members;
The 2016-17 Season is drawing to a close in matter of days. As it is ending I want to reflect on our ambitious year that involved many events and new initiatives. The Pentathlon Alberta Series consisted of five events that saw great participation and included riding at both 2017 Winter Nationals and the recent Provincial Championships.
This year Pentathlon Alberta also hosted the 2017 Canadian Pentathlon Championships from July 7 – 9, at Mount Royal University and RMSJ. The hard work of the national championship organizing committee, directed by Claire Laing who organized a memorable event, was greatly appreciated. The event was a ranking event for the 2017-18 Canadian National Pentathlon Team, and results can be found HERE. Congratulations to the winners of all divisions.
This year’s championship was also a qualifying event for the Pan American Youth Championship in Merida, Mexico, Aug. 30 – Sept. 3. We are excited to have the following Alberta athletes qualified for this championship: Abby Edison (Youth A), Victoria LaSalle (Youth B), Gavin Pigott (Youth B), and Sydney Lutz (Youth C). This will be the first time for all four of these athletes attending an international event and representing Canada. On behalf of Pentathlon Alberta I congratulate these dedicated young athletes on their achievement and wish them great success and a fantastic experience in Mexico. This group will be joined by four other Canadian athletes and will be supported by Pentathlon Alberta coach Darragh O’Malley, attending his first international pentathlon event, and national team coaches Josh Riker-Fox, Bob Noble, and Jane Rusconi. You can follow the progress of our athletes in Mexico on the event results page HERE.
I want to express my sincere appreciation to all the supporters, coaches, parents, friends, and board members who support our hard-working athletes. There are many other athletes not mentioned here who had a year of significant achievements. You have enjoyed these great triumphs through your hard work.  I wish you continued success and hope to see many of you back in your clubs and at upcoming clinics and events.
This coming season Pentathlon Alberta will host fewer competition but focus more on clinics to explore a different format to support the growth of our membership. Please visit our website for details on upcoming events and keep in mind that there are many opportunities to support our organization. We are looking for new Board and Committee members for the new season. We will have the precise late-October AGM date posted shortly.
Thank you all for your support to our athletes.
In anticipation of another exciting season;
Connie Olsen
President, Pentathlon Alberta

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